Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Super Mummy

After such a intriguing week, I was looking forward to the normality of home. My manager kindly allowed me to leave at 3pm. I hung around for another 10-15 minutes before setting off home. As I hit the motorway, I was mentally preparing myself to get off at Junction 12 whilst at the same time listening out on the radio for any traffic information on the M1 motorway. There were no adverse traffic reports and I decided to stay on the motorway all the way home - as a colleague had suggested.

It was the best move ever and I pulled into my drive at 4:32pm - only an hour and a half after I left work. A true record and I was very pleased - it was still daylight even.

After playing with Kitan for a few hours, I was really tired and went up for a nap at 6:30pm - I'd told Dominique to wake me at 7pm because I wanted to bathe him and put him to bed. I woke up at 8pm groggy and confused - I knew I was home but not sure how I'd gotten into bed - and I could hear Kitan crying. I came downstairs and he was being bathed by Tunji. I'm not sure why he was crying so I left them and went down to the kitchen to find something to eat. While in the kitchen, I heard his cry go up an octave, I rushed up the stairs to find out what was going on... and Tunji hearing me come up, locked the bathroom door - as a joke he says. When I got to the door and found it locked, I positioned myself and broke it down. Yes! I broke down the bathroom door - all of this without a word said. It was not superhuman strength coming upon me or anything like that and the door is a light interior door but I only realised what I'd done when I saw the shock on Tunji and Kitan's faces.

"Omara!!!" Tunji screamed - "What is the matter with you?" - Kitan that was screaming his head off a minute ago was deathly quiet - probably thinking to himself "She certainly looks like my mummy".

Anyway, we concluded that I was probably more tired than I thought, heard my baby crying and went into an adrenaline-fueled "Lioness saving baby cub" mode.

That was Friday. Saturday was a lot of fun - I took Kitan on the tube for the first time. We went to Trafalgar Square for the annual Russian Winter Festival. He was excited to be on a "choo-choo" and the entertainment at the event was spectacular (see pictures). Tunji met us up there and we all headed back home together sitting at the front on the top of the double decker bus. Another first for Kitan and he loved it. We went through Oxford Street and through Finchley so there was lots to see from the bus. It was a great family day out and quite cheap actually - just goes to show, sometimes we don't need the Legolands and Alton Towers to entertain the children.

On Sunday, after church, we went to my sister's while she and her husband were away on a romantic four day break to Dubai to visit her children, Kitan's cousins. The boy is 4 and the daughter is 2 and a half. They love Kitan to bits and they all had a wonderful afternoon/evening playing to their hearts content. Watching them made me feel like being small again. The delight and joy they felt being in each other's company was sweet - plus ofcourse, they haven't a care in the world.

Not so for me as I reflected on returning back to Leicester first thing the next mornining.

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