Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Week 5 - Love conquers all

I knew work was going to be very busy this week, my training schedule was full and I had a lot to learn in order to train. I'll be working day (doing training) and night (studying) to put in my best.

Despite this, I could not get the thought that Tunji was travelling on Thursday out of my head. He had asked me to come see him off and I asked him in return if he was crazy! Why would I drive all the way from Leicester, a 180 mile round trip, just to come and see him off. That was that... there was no way I was coming.

Apart from the hassle of driving, I was training on Thursday anyway. It was a brand new course and quite difficult, there was no way I could finish training in enough time to get to Heathrow before 8pm when he checks in, for all I knew, the course could finish at 6pm. It hadn't been trained out before and no one knew how long it'll really take.

Anyway, the week started well enough but by Tuesday morning, I'd developed a headache and it lasted the whole day. I took some pain killers before bed but when my alarm went off at 6:40am and I woke up, I still had it. Without even thinking what I was doing, I stripped off my pyjamas, wore my gym clothes (that had been laid out since the first night I got to Leicester 4 weeks ago), put on my trainers, ran down the stairs and out the door and started jogging. I could not believe it. Me jogging? Without a fitness plan, without a spreadsheet exercise tracking document, without any fanfare... without any pre-anything, I just got up and did it. I amazed myself as I did a mile, ending up back at home. In all it took me 35 mins because I fast walked back but I felt great, refreshed and invigorated. By the time I had a shower and got dressed, the headache was gone.

While at work training, I'm cooped in doors with very warm central heating, the only fresh air I get is in the walk from and to my car and my body was beginning to protest.

Thursday morning, I had woken up and dressed in my gym clothes before I looked out and realised it was pouring down with heavy torrential rain. Stumped, I was not sure what to do... I certainly had not factored adverse weather conditions into this new fitness drive. I did not realise I was praying when I said "God, I need to get out there in the fresh air and exercise, what do I do?" - the next thing I knew, the rain had stopped! It took me only 25 mins this time to do the mile and I felt so good - mentally and physically.

This had been a big part of the plan for my Leicester Life and I did not realise that the energy I spent putting it off was way more than the energy I spent in actually doing it, not to mention the benefits. It felt really good.

It was Thursday now and I was beginning to feel that I could not let Tunji go off to Nigeria that night without seeing him. The only problem was how to make that happen. This prayer thing was beginning to work so much better for me so I prayed again, asking God to make it possible.

By the time I got to work and started training, I realised it will be possible to finish by 4pm and if I headed off straight away, at the worst, I'll be in London for 7-7:30pm - then I had the brainwave to ask to work from home on Friday which meant I'll be home from Thursday night right through to Monday morning. My request was granted, I wrapped up the course by 3:45 and by 4pm I was on my way.

I got home by 6:15pm and Tunji could not believe I had done that for him... he said "I know for sure that somewhere deep down Omara, you still love me". I drove him to the airport (no traffic), by 8pm he was all checked in. Dominique had packed some pasta and meatball sauce which we shared. We talked, we prayed, we kissed... and then it was time for him to go.


Anonymous said...

A true proverbs 31 woman

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in her story but what do you mean by "a true proverbs 31 woman"

Anonymous said...

awwwww you just brought tears to my eyes. i am really loving your blog. God bless :)

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