Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All will be well

If you really need to hear these words from someone... now is your opportunity.

If you are in the UK or will be in the UK... don't miss this.

Friday the 13th of April is Festival of Life.

It's free and doors open from 8pm.

The host is Pastor E A Adeboye and the theme is "All Will Be Well"

I know... this is a blatant advert, but I will be there and I've shared a lot on this blog this last few months and just thought I'd share this with you too.

God Bless!


Calabar Gal said...

I have gotten 2flyers for th event already!! I am planning o be there in full force. The flyers say the gates open at 7pm. I dont want a repeat of what happened when Reinhard Bonke came to Excel, London too and even though the event was a 7pm start, the doors had to be closed by 5pm as all the seats in the hall were fully occuppied.

Nael C. Robes said...

I just caught up on your posts. I am so sorry you had to leave Kitan. The Leicester trip will be over soon. Make sure your next job is closer to home.

Roz said...

Hey Omara

This sounds good and I soooo need something like that, but I'm going to have to pass as Hubby is not around and I have no one to babysit the kids!

Enjoy it though.....drop in a prayer for me too - pleeeease!

France, Italy, Spain - here we come!

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