Saturday, April 28, 2007

I got the job!

... but not the one you think!

In my last post I had mentioned an interview for a job I was not 100% sure of. Meanwhile, I had spotted this job advert which read like my dream job and so I applied for that too:


Testing & Training Coordinator
Required skills: global brand company is currently recruiting a Testing & Training Coordinator, to assist with the testing & training activities. To work towards delivery of the testing & training strategy and project plan. Skills profile, knowledge of SAP at both a working and technical level. Knowledge of business processes, excellent communication skills, experience in a testing environment, experience in a training environment, train The Trainer skills and experience. Coordination of defined system testing activities. Coordination of design and development of testing plans and cases.
Location: London


The day after applying, I got invited for an interview too - on the Friday. So I had 2 job interviews. One next Monday and the other this Friday.

On Tuesday, I decided to put together the presentation for the next Monday interview. This is why it is important for one to have a discerning spirit and be prayerful. After staying up late working on the presentation, I listened to a voicemail on my mobile the next day from the company saying they had offered the job to someone else and the person had accepted. Can you imagine!

Even though I was not 100% sure about the job, the rejection still hurt not to mention the wasted time working on the presentation. Still, I had the Friday one to look forward to and I really preferred this role for the following reasons:

  1. It was in London

  2. It was working for a huge company

  3. It was 25% more money

  4. Most imporantantly, it was much more than just training. I'd get to see and learn the technical 'back end' of the system by co-ordinating the testing, it was some what managerial, so I'd have some real responsibilities and use my strengths which are planning, analysing, scheduling, problem solving, organising etc...

Anyway, I had to leave work on Thursday afternoon because I was feeling unwell with very bad chest pain and fatigue, got home in London and made an urgent appointment with the G.P (family doctor), it turned out I have Costochondritis which thankfully is not as deadly as it sounds. The cartiledge where my ribs meet my breast bone are inflamed due probably to a viral infection. I was prescribed some anti-inflamatory medicine and told to rest.

I tried to prepare as best I could for the interview but when I got there 9am on Friday morning, I was relying soley on Jesus. I could not remember the last time I did proper system testing plus I did not have experience of the SAP modules they used. The interview started and progressed quite well I thought and an hour later it was over. I asked how many others are being interviewed for this role and was just I was the first. I then asked how soon would all the candidates be informed and was told early next week.

As I left, I prayed "God I really want this job". I prayed that for the others coming, their car would not start, their train would be cancelled, they will get offered other jobs, they would change their minds etc... I also called the agency and told my contact there that I really really want the job and he should call them and get their initial impressions.

Barely 2 hours later, he called me back and said they really liked you and think you are a good fit for the company. They want you to start on Tuesday! Wow! I screamed totally delighted. Then realised "I can't start on Tuesday". I told him that and he said he'd see what he could do. He then called back to say they will move the start date to the 8th of May.

I was over the moon and walking on clouds at the same time. God was so favourable to me, my very first interview and I did not have to go for any more. I really felt blessed. Everyone had sent me prayers for the interview and I started calling and texting back with the good news.

It's only a 3 month contract with the possibility of extension but that was just what I wanted. I will be home every single evening and see my babies (Kitan and Tunji), I can watch my programmes without having to have marathon sessions at the weekend catching up with everything via Sky+. I can meet up with friends, go out to dinner with hubby, go to midweek service and prayer meetings. No more Sunday blues thinking about the drive and the week up at Leicester. It was like I had my life back!

Talking about church, I'd decided I was not quite spiritually ready for the church job and would spend the 3 months working back in London to build myself up spiritually while still helping out at church in the evenings and weekends (when I can). Maybe in September, I may feel ready to take up the job. I'm at peace with my decision and hope they are too.

Can you believe, next week is my last week in Leicester?! I'm happy the adventure is nearly over and really could not have done it without my faithful blog and your reading and supporting me through it. I will continue posting because settling back at home and at a new work place will certainly come with their own challenges though I doubt anything will compare with Leicester.


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Nael C. Robes said...

I am so happy for you there are tears in my eyes! You get to be home with your family. I know you want the church job, but this job is such a good fit for now. Also, my father is a pastor and I know that sometimes mixing the frustrations of a job with the place your spirit goes to be nourished can be challenging. Anyway, I can't congratulate you enough!

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JD said...

Huge Congratulations. Can you now find me a job & a childminder please:-)

chioma said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you and almost jumped for joy when I saw location- london. Isn't God awesome? God bless

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Roz said...

Once again a very very big Congratulations. Man, that Costochondritis sounded terrible (but like you said, it probably sounds worst, but having heard you cough over the phone, it did sound painful, so well done for working through all that pain to do well at the interview)

I had to laugh when you said what your prayers were! Cars not starting, trains being cancelled blah blah blah - never one I thought of before , but you've got me started now! To be honest, something you said, really stuck in my mind - remember when I said, how on earth could I secure a meeting with a man who owns a company that caters for the rich and famous - little me, I said! you told me not to think like that and that it's about God being favourable to me (and thinking outside the box)... the favourable bit really did strike a chord and that is what gives me hope in every situation.... so like you said, God was really favourable to you and we thank him immensely for that... and I'm sure you wowed them with your lovely personality.

Well done hon!

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suburbannaijamom said...

i am sure jumping for joy for u. i am so happy that u r getting exactly what u want. well welcome to my cloud nine.

sorry i haven't been able to update for a while. i am here in ausitn n only have acces to internet at work. they keep sending all this memo abt not using the internet for personal use so i try not to. but 2morrow is my last day here in austin so i wll be back on my blog. missed u'all tons.

Calabar Gal said...

Congratulations!!!! Best Wishes with the new job.

France, Italy, Spain - here we come!

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