Monday, March 05, 2007

He has come again oh!

See me see trouble with this my manager oh! He has come again! I'd had a busy week training, nothing major, just the usual stuff. Come Friday, my only real free work day and the managers then decide that all of us not training should go for 'train the trainer' training where we as trainers are trained on further topics to then train out to delegates. This is called 'knowledge transfer'.

This is a pain and nobody really likes doing this, certainly not on a Friday. The people developing the training are not trainers neither are they technical, infact they are pretty incompetent and more often than not produce material that don't make logical sense and are ridden with errors. So, anyway, about 8 of us trainers sat through knowledge transfer of the SAP Reporting topic for most of the morning only to find out there was another course with a different person in the afternoon.

It was still a pretty easy going day until I got an email from SN, my manager, at 2:30pm that I would be delivering the SAP Reporting topic to delegates first thing Monday morning. I had to leave the class and go to him. Our conversation went like this:

Me: I don't feel comfortable delivering the SAP Reporting course on Monday.
SN: Why?
ME: Because I've only just seen the course, I've not had a chance to properly look at it and I can't go over it during the weekend because the software is not on my laptop. Can't someone else do it?
SN: Everybody is the same situation Omara. You are the best person to do it because you do the BW courses as well.
Me: The material is not even ready, Lucy still has some changes to make.
SN: Which training material do you know that is in perfect condition?
Me: Okaaaay. Can we move the training to the afternoon so I have the morning to prepare?
SN: No. One of the delegates is off and is coming in specially in the morning for the course.
ME: But the course is not ready to be trained out and neither am I.
SN: [blank stare]

I walk off back to the class to continue with the knowledge transfer. As I sat down I notice it was quarter to 3pm and I usually leave at 3pm. We'd been in training for 2 hours already that afternoon and it did not seem to be ending anytime soon. The trainer then announces that she hopes we can finish by 4pm because she has a meeting. 4pm ke? Not me and you! I send an email to SN to ask if I can leave at 3pm. He takes 15 mins to reply me in which he says "You can go when the knowledge transfer is over".

I fire back an email saying "I'm leaving now. There are 7 other trainers here who would be fully skilled in this course, I will catch up with whatever I miss next week".

I gathered my things and left.

My contract ends at the end of May, I'm counting the days and I'm sure he is too...


Lise said...

Sorry to hear about your Manager giving you grief at you say good thing May is not far away...

I send you a comment on the 'Ghana must go' bag issue - did you get it?

Anyway you must inform us how the new Nanny and Kitan are getting on - I hope it is all going well.

Take care


Dotty said...

People should read this.

France, Italy, Spain - here we come!

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